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Admin A.K.A the House DJ
Admin A.K.A the House DJ

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PostSubject: (selectmix, any many more) (selectmix, any many more) Icon_minitime5th January 2007, 8:11 pm

Whats Available:
Box Sets
Rewind Series
Edge Level
Edge Quadrant
Hot Tracks
Hot Wax
Old School Essentials
Select Essentials
Slow Jam Essentials
Street Tracks

Effective Immediately, Select Mix and Hot Tracks have merged! Our new company, Remix Holdings, Inc. will operate both brands and continue to crank out amazing remixes under the various established remix series including Street Tracks, Select Essentials, Old School Essentials, Hot Tracks, and more! Be on the lookout for exciting NEW series releases as well!

Our new web site and customer service phone number are meant to bring the best of both companies to your fingertips and make your experience with our new company an exciting and worthwhile one. Our new number is 1-800-959-1321. Old Hot Tracks numbers will continue to work, forwarding into our new phone system.

A Brief History:

Hot Tracks, established in 1981, is the longest-running remix company in the world! The popular Street Tracks and Hot Tracks series are revered and collected by DJ's across the globe. As the premiere established remix company in the world today, the Hot Tracks brand and legacy will continue on.

Select Mix, established in 2004, has grown quickly to become one of the most respected remix brands in the United States. Providing DJ's with clean, radio and mix show friendly remixes has garnered the company great favor and respect. The Select Mix brand continues under this new umbrella and will grow and strengthen substantially.

Together, Select Mix and Hot Tracks are hands down the #1 remix company in the world!

DJ/VJ Dirrty Gus
Resident DJ/VJ @ The Reef
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dj glenn

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PostSubject: Re: (selectmix, any many more) (selectmix, any many more) Icon_minitime27th February 2010, 6:00 am

wow great
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