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 Strictly Hits News (Saturday, August 16, 2008)

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Strictly Hits News (Saturday, August 16, 2008) Empty
PostSubject: Strictly Hits News (Saturday, August 16, 2008)   Strictly Hits News (Saturday, August 16, 2008) Icon_minitime18th August 2008, 7:32 pm

Attention All Strictly Hits DJs!

Mike D gives the whole DJ world what we've been needing!! A version of Chris Brown's Forever that has HUGE ENERGY and doesn't ruin the song. Many have attempted but ONLY the Master Mike D gives us PERFECTION!! I can give you more, but no need for hype on this one...perfect is good enough. That's not all Mr. DEE JAY EL aka AziaticAssassin aka the BeatKilla brings some HEAT of his own as he flat out flips Carnival by the Great Celia Cruz... again we really like the way he infuzed the hip hop drums but kept all the magic!! Some nice samples thrown in to keep the track movin. This is a must add if you have any type mixed crowd. The song is bigger than just salsa! Also just added...New tracks from ShowStoppers and Late Night Productions. See you on the site!!


DJ/VJ Dirrty Gus
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Strictly Hits News (Saturday, August 16, 2008)
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